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Shenyang Heyan Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Founded in January 2011, Shenyang Heyan Precision Equipment Co., Ltd is a diversified company specializing in R&D, sales, consulting and service of the special equipment for semiconductor and fitting supplies. The company's technical team is the first national project team in China to develop and produce precision dicing machines (Formerly Shenyang Instrument Science and Research Institute of China Machinery Industry Group). Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the concept of "Keep continuous deploitation, be bold in innovation" and the attitude of keep improving to  develop the 5 categories of more than 10 types products in a continuous manner. The company has a complete process laboratory and is equipped with professional cutting engineers to provide the reasonable, practical and efficient cutting process solutions for customers. At present, Shenyang Heyan Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. has offices in East China, South China, Southeast China and Southwest China responsible for business development and technical support, and has two authorized agents in overseas market.

The customer's demand is a strong driving force for the company's development. Our goal is to become your reliable partner by providing innovative products suitable for the market, reasonable technical solutions as well as the efficient and heat-to-heart after-sales service.

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